Saturday, July 28, 2012

DIY: Framed Calendar!

My latest greatest DIY adventure was an ACTIVITY calendar. Not like "beach trip", "work", "photo school" kind of activities. Being ACTIVE kind of activities. Running, volleyball, softball, walking to work, squats during a tv show, lunges down the hallway, resistance band workouts. Basically, I wanted a place to keep track of how ACTIVE I am ACTUALLY being. Not just how active I am THINKING about being :) Because I am REALLY good at thinking about being active. And not quite so hot at actually following through long term. So my aunt recently gave me a few old frames, and I knew I had to do something with them quick or my husband would begin to feel justified in his "observations" that my collection of things I'm "going to do something with one day" just grows and never shrinks :) 

Have a look!
This is the frame I started with. Cool, but a little out of style for our home. 

First coat of spray paint. 

Second coat of paint, plus blank calendar grid (I just put the days of the week across the top, and left all the numbers out so I could use it for any month!)

I really LOVE the ornate design!

Ta-daaah! It's on the wall! And a last minute addition was hot gluing a magnet to the side so I could stick my dry erase marker up there! 

My husband loves me and thinks my things are cool. And that I'm cool. And he sneaked it on the board before I took this picture :)