Tuesday, November 2, 2010

i am alive. really i am. and i'm turning 23.

so i realized its been...ohhh...maybe 100 years since i last blogged. i honestly don't even know if anyone reads this, and i wouldn't blame them for not reading it with how infrequently i write anything :) i'm turning 23 tomorrow (or today if you want to be picky....yes its just about midnight). I figured that was good enough reason to update.

i DO plan to get back into my I <3 faces challenges as soon as I get a handle on the rest of my life (no telling when that will be ;)

the last few months have been a cross between a tornado and a roller coaster. they have held moments of tragedy and heartache, and moments of crazy joy and sheer bliss. the common factor being God's hand of steadfast love in all of the moments. i am learning mucho. learning about myself. learning about God. learning about others. learning about love. learning about understanding men. learning about marriage. learning about the sin in my heart. learning about humility. learning about repentance. learning about forgiveness. learning about fighting the lies of the enemy with truth. learning about waiting. learning about investing in others. learning about trusting God. learning about giving burdens to God. learning about asking God for the things I need. learning about how God provides for my needs in ways i don't expect.

wanna know whats been keeping me so busy (and mostly keeping me out of trouble)?
- helping in Ms Higgens' kindergarten class at Potomac elementary
- a plethora of house cleaning/babysitting/photography jobs
- spontaneous family trip to Niagara Fall, Canada (driving: 10 hours each way. left friday, came back sunday. so much fun.)
- weekend family excursion to Texas for our cousin Joe's wedding (flying: first time we ever flew as a family IN the country. usually we're headed to mexico when we're all on a plane together)
- weekend with the four fabulous Littlejohn kids: Katie (7), Julia (5), Lucy (3), Anderson (1). i gotta say, we packed a lot of fun into one weekend :)
- girls weekend trip to the Outer Banks with Mom, Aunt Deb and Jenn: perfect weather. and I didn't take a single picture the whole time. i still don't know whether to be glad or sad about that :)
- my amazing, wonderful, handsome, sweet, STRONG, intense, tender, encouraging, and muy guapo fiance, TIM....who is the best lover i could ever ask for :) he is working SO hard on school right now, that we don't get a whole lot of time together. But the time God has given has been sweet indeed.
- w.e.d.d.i.n.g. planning <3 this has been lots of fun. i LOVE planning things. its like the biggest party of my life :)

so. with all that said.....i hope to catch up on pictures soon, find some sort of regular weekly schedule that will allow time for taking MORE pictures and posting pictures for the I <3 faces challenges again...and also for posting pictures of this wonderful crazy life God has given me.

happy november.

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