Thursday, February 16, 2012

my days off

So I'm wondering if I even remember how to write a blog post :) It has been wayyyy too long. I don't actually think anyone read this blog anyways, so I don't really feel bad about that. ha. BUT at special request, I will begin blogging my D(o) I(t) Y(ourself) adventures! (ya know, gotta keep the pinners happy :) Lately, my work schedule at the bank (did I ever mention I'm a bank teller?) has been allowing me two days off in a row every week (did I mention I only work part time - and never want to hold a full time job in my life? :) Two days off a week is one thing. Two days off in a ROW is another thing entirely. And it has afforded me the grand opportunity of starting AND finishing things :) The two latest projects were my lamp and my dresser. I've been wanting to tackle these since I got married and moved 9 months ago, but it just didn't happen...til now! enjoy! --------------------------------------------------

LAMP: I got this lamp from my mom (who was updating the style of her living room) and I figured I could find something to do with it. There are actually two of them. But. One thing at a time :)

The glue was amazing -- it bonded easily to the brass lamp, and was not toxic smelling :)

DRESSER: It was already white, so it just needed a fresh coat of paint. And then some flair to make it match our room (I copied the flowers from our bedspread....and penciled them onto the side, and then painted :)

I put a nice coat of mod podge over the whole thing to seal it. Mod podge is my favorite!!

Aaaand then came the drawers. They were lined with contact paper that hadn't been changed in about 20 years. Sooo, i ripped it out, sanded them down, and painted them inside and out. And then painted the sides colors so I can be happy when I leave my drawers hanging open :)

Ok, so then I had painted the knobs all those different colors. Which was rad. Until I put all my colorful stuff back on top. Then it looked like the dresser of a 10 year old. And (believe it or not) I wanted a grown up look. Soooo, painted them all brown :)

ta-DAAAAA!!! There you have it :)


  1. i read your blog :-) they both look great! And from the pic on fb i totally just assumed you had painted the lamp. So i'm glad you posted about it so i could admire how much EXTRA work actually went into it :-)

  2. hahaha. thanks linz. question: did you REALLY comment on this at 5am? :) next time i have two days off in a row, i will spend one in KG with you doing projects!

  3. The lamp is awesome!!! Love it!