Saturday, April 7, 2012

It's REAL! It's HERE!

So I finally have a legit outlet for selling my handmade creations and photo prints! And a website to prove it! haha. First, go visit (you can't actually buy anything there -- it's just lots of pretty pictures and info on my new little business venture)

Then, come to Fredericksburg!

My little space is located inside of Caroline Square Crafts & Antiques (It is literally right across the street from Capitol Ale House -- and I know you all know where that is!) There are two doors, and you want to go in the one on the left (the craft side vs the antique side :) Inside, it's set up like a little town with little "streets" through the shops. Take your first left, and then your first right and STOP. Ha. The wall space on your RIGHT is what you're looking for! It's a tall white shelf full of fun goodies! I am sharing the space with Nancy Shattuck, who makes all sorts of fun wool felted things (purses, water bottle slings, and more!) so be sure to check out her stuff too!

It's not quite fully stocked yet, but over the next few weeks we'll be getting more and more things on those shelves! OH, and be sure to pick up one of my adorable MOO business cards when you're there. I'll be bringing them by today :)


  1. Can't wait til you can sell online! Fredricksburg is a long ways away from here :)

  2. I will let you know as soon as I get it up and running! Maybe by the end of this week?