Friday, April 20, 2012

Going Adventuring

So life has started to calm down a tad after a few weeks of business flurry, working to get everything official, legal, and actually created to start selling downtown! It's off to a smashing start with one of my Downtown Doors prints selling, along with one pack of photographic note cards, and one handmade vase!

However, this weekend will not be full of work of any sort. This weekend is all play. I get off work at 6pm. Our friend Emma will arrive by train sometime before that. We will meet up with Tim at home, hop in the car, and we'll be off on a weekend adventure to visit Sam & Chelsea!!

The reasons for the trip are manifold:
1. We love Sam & Chelsea.
2. Tim & Sam are best friends (and have been since they were about 7 years old), and when they go too long without seeing each other, they start to go crazy.
3. We are celebrating the pending END OF SCHOOL for both Tim & Sam. (That's not to say that they won't ever do school again. But the end of their current studies)
4. Emma wanted to visit us, and Emma wanted to visit Sam & Chelsea. So we just smashed it all together :)
5. We like getting out of dodge every once in a while. And it's been too long :)
6. We're gettin the band back together.
7. Chelsea bought Sam a new zombie xbox game which they want to force me to play.
8. Chapel Hill is a really cool place to explore with friends.
9. It's the kick off to SUMMER! Let the good times rolllllll!

So yeah. I'm sure I could come up with more reasons. But I should probably go finish packing instead, so that we can actually leave as planned this evening :)

Here's hoping you all find your own adventures this weekend, and that Jesus makes His love known to you more clearly through them.


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