Thursday, May 24, 2012

Exploring Etsy

It's true! I've finally got a little etsy shop up and running. Decided I'd give it a try and see if I could drum up a little more business before the summer is gone (the summer is my "business trial period" :) You can now purchase my handmade creations or prints online! Most of the listings are "Custom Order" listing, with example photos and I will create each item specifically for you when you purchase! If you see a photo of something you love, let me know and I'll check if it's still available in my local space and can mail you the exact one! 

Go check it out! And send your friends there too!

This whole business thing, small though it may be, has been a walk of faith for me. I don't know how long it will last. Not much stuff is selling in the store downtown. But it has been fun nevertheless! Hope that this etsy shop will help some of my far away friends be able to enjoy my creations as well!

Now off to catch up on everything I can't do on the days I work! ILOVEMYDAYSOFF!! :)


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